Hello, YunJae fans! It’s been an excellent year for our favorite boys, so we thought what better way to celebrate than by bringing back the JaeHo Fic Exchange

The rules are simple!

  • All are invited to participate! We encourage writers of all skill and experience levels to sign up.
  • The fic’s main pairing must be YunJae/JaeHo. (Duh.)
  • Writers must submit their prompts via the sign up form by Friday, Sept. 26. 
  • The mods will then assign writers a fic prompt to fill for another participant. Writers will get their assignments no later than Sunday, Oct. 5. (Find a full schedule for the exchange here.)
  • KEEP EVERYTHING ANONYMOUS! This is key. The exchange works like a Secret Santa. Once you get your fic prompt and recipient, we don’t want you reveling yourself to them UNTIL after your fic has been posted in the comm.
  • There will be two check-ins: the first on Saturday, Nov. 1, and a second on Saturday, Dec. 6. Writers must have at least 500 words by the first check-in. (The complete fic should have at least 1,500 words.) These check-ins are to help the writers, so don’t fear them! Take this time to ask for help if you need it.
  • The final fic deadline is Wednesday, Dec. 31.
  • Find more information at \o/

Not interested in committing to writing? We also need betas and pinch-hitter writers to sign up, as well!  

Please share this post and encourage your writer friends to sign up. Let’s make this year’s exchange the best one yet!