"Was our friendship worth only this much to you?

Actor Shim and his fury over his partner, Yunho, getting injured because of this so-called friend’s thoughtless actions is beyond perfection. The sheer emotion behind it is spot on. I believe him. I believe he’s furious over what happened to Yunho…because it’s Yunho, damn it. No one hurts Yunho under his watch. No one. 

At one point, Heechul was givingTaeyeon advice, which moved her to tears.  

He said, “Don’t look at the internet and don’t listen to people whose faces you don’t know.  People whom you can see like this put their name on the line when they talk to you.  However, other people…”
and pretended to be typing on the computer, making people laugh.  

He continued, “Don’t be in pain.  Anymore,” and gently stroked Taeyeon’s hair.  
Taeyeon told him, “Thank you for coming,” to which he replied,
“In our relationship, let’s not say thanks or sorry.”

Heechul’s words striked me straight from the heart…


I read this somewhere in twitter and I couldn’t agree more.

" Yunho probably the most overworked in SME but you’ll never hear him complain."

I don’t know what really happened inside the korean industry so I will not say anything as if I’m one of the staff of the said company…but IMHO… inhumane treatment,improper distribution of profit and lawsuits…how sure are we that it doesn’t happen to other company…because I thinked it was being sensationalized because of what happen before…

I don’t agree nor disagree with SME..first…they already know how hard it is to be in SME and their reputation and yet they joined the company,trained to them, signed a contract. It’s like signing their death certificate with consent and in the processed when they realized about it they’ll try to break-out…

Korean Entertainment industry is like a blood battle…No one said it would be easy…no pain,no gain…